These photographs came out of a 7700 mile road trip my wife, Ruth, and I took in May of this year.
Options for visiting our grandchildren became quite limited after they moved to California.
Realizing there were many places in the country we had not seen and other places I wanted to see again,
we decided to do a road trip in our 2005 185,000 mile old Prius and connect some of the American dots.
en route to spending time with family there.

The 1932 Studebaker abandoned on the site of old route 66 is a roadside attraction in Petrified Forest
National Park. After examining the photograph of that car, I decided it would be fun to try to do the photo
essay of the trip in the style of photographs of that era.
The subject matter with its dramatic lighting and vivid contrasts lent itself to this approach.

My thanks to my wife, Ruth, for being an incredible travel companion,her work on the show
and for just about everything the last 42 years have brought us.

Technical notes: I used a Sony RX100II and a Nikon D5000. Ruth used a Samsung phone (not a 7).

Roadside America, Shartlesville, Pa

C&O Canal trail, Maryland

Tennessee River, Chattanooga, Tn

Ruby Falls, Chattanooga, Tn

Kiwanis Rail Trail, Springfield, Mo

Schoolhouse, Tall Grass NP, Ks

Great Sand Dunes NP, Co

Great Sand Dunes NP, Co

Old Route 66, Petrified Forest NP, Az, Co

Fernandez Ranch, Ca

Massacre Rock SP, Id

Snake River, Massacre Rock SP, Id

Yellowstone NP, Wy

Devil's Tower NM, Wy (photo by Ruth)

Devil's Tower NM, Wy

Custer SP, SD

Badlands NP, SD

Hawkeye Point, Id (highest point)

Spam Museum, Austin, Mn

Brandywine Falls, Cayuhoga NP, Oh

The grandchildren, Mira and Avi


The car

That's all, folks

All photos © 2016

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